Features Of The Power Director Android Premium App

6 Features Of The Power Director Android Premium App

Power Director Android Premium app

Power Director is a popular Android software that enables the users to create stunning Android apps. It is one of the most sought after and well-known apps in the Android market right now. The company that developed this app has over 22 million downloads to its name. This is a must-have application for anyone who owns a Power Director branded phones. Here’s a look at what this awesome app can do for you:

Take Pictures: Allow your customers to take pictures with their smartphone. Your customers won’t have a hard time navigating from point A to point B if they have an Android phone. Additionally, your customers would appreciate receiving photos straight to their phone. To make it even better, the phone would also allow them to share the images on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Your customers wouldn’t have to wait to download and install the app.

Features Of The Power Director Android Premium App

Manage Accounts: With the Power Director Android Premium App, you would be able to manage multiple user accounts from one place. For example, when a user wants to change his email address or sign up for new services, all he needs to do is go to the preferences page and select his user details. Once done, he can already sign in and use his account. The same goes for adding members to a group or changing their passwords.

Browse the Web: Most people nowadays have become hooked to the internet. To stay updated, they either surf the net through their smartphones or they check their emails while driving. Both of these activities consume a lot of bandwidth and can cause your phone’s memory to get damaged if it isn’t handled well. If you don’t want your customers to wait for their smartphones to fill up with data, you need to let them use the internet while driving using the Power Director app.

Make Invitations: One of the things you need to manage your business is your list of leads. With the Power Director Android App, you can easily create an invitation feature that lets the customers sign up for your emails. You can set different subscription terms for different groups. This way, your clients would always receive the right information and they would always feel important. When you are not online, you won’t have to send any invites. You will also be able to manage the signups as the app allows you to create different profiles for your different groups.

Power Director Android Premium App

Access your Phone remotely: Perhaps you are travelling or you are out of the country but your office needs you to attend client calls. You can easily make calls over the phone without buying a new smartphone. All you need to do is install the Voice over Internet Protocol application on your smartphone or tablet. Once installed, it will allow you to make calls and you will never miss a single client call ever again. Once you purchase the Power Director application, you will be able to transfer calls from your mobile devices like Smartphones, Tablets and other Android devices.

Connect wirelessly: No doubt, you always need to stay connected with your office network no matter where you are. To ensure that you always have an internet connection no matter if you are in the office or out of it, you should buy the Power Director WiFi Antenna. It offers a wireless connectivity feature that will help you connect wirelessly even when you are on the move. It also allows you to view the web pages on your smartphone or tablet without the need to use the browser. Just install the WiFi Antenna on the device and you will be connected wirelessly.

The Power Director Android Premium App

Access live chat support: No one likes to wait for a reply from someone they are talking with. Most people want to communicate with their colleagues but sometimes they also need to have an immediate answer to certain problems. To ensure that you always get prompt answers to your queries or concerns, you should try to use the live chat feature provided by the Power Director Android App. Once you purchase the app, you will get a unique login code that will allow you to instantly connect to the live chat service. You will be able to chat with your team members and know what they are up to at the moment.

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