Play Snack Video on Your PC Or Laptop

Play Snack Video on Your PC Or Laptop

Snack Video is an instant Chinese movie maker app for smart phones and tablets. Chinese-based Kwai App converts Snack Video to Chinese and vice versa. Now Snack video has already been listed in the apple app store. The first Mobile App which gave us big money by watching online videos. Snack Video has been listed in the apple app store by yanhee computer industry private company.


I have heard of some secret of this app which is actually quite simple. If you are familiar with the mechanics of Google play store, then you must be familiar with snack-video and its mechanism. On the other hand, if you are totally new to it, let me tell you that it is just a simple app for connecting two services – watching online videos and selling them. You can also earn money through it as well. In fact, there are many people who are making more than $1000 every month from it.

Snack Video on Your PC Or Laptop

Like any app, you too can join this amazing app and earn big money. The whole story of Snack Video Mobile App is simple. You can download this app from the google play store or you can simply visit the official website of kiwi chains. You can view the video clips after logging into your accounts over the internet. After viewing them, you can simply leave a rating and a review for each video clip.

You can also invite your friends to rate and comment on the Snack Video clips. Whenever you make new videos, you can upload them for others to view. You can share the link of the Snack Video mobile app on various social networking sites. You can invite your friends to like and comment on the Snack Video mobile app. Whenever a friend likes the video, he/she can like/use the Snack Video app.

Snack Video on Your PC

Play Snack Video on Your PC Or Laptop

Now, this isn’t the end of it. Once you install the Snack Video app on your device, you can use the Emulator to play the videos on your smartphone. Since you are using the Emulator to play back the video, you will actually be playing it on your cellphone or smart phone handset. So, if you are still reading this, you must have some idea about what exactly is an Emulator and why do you need to use it when you try to play Snack Video mobile games?


Well, to start with, it’s a computer program that can be used to emulate the hardware of a particular device. As you may know, iPhones, Android phones, etc are Apple iOS devices and Windows Phones are Windows Mobile devices. These emulators enable you to download app for these platforms from the real Apple iTunes Store or from the real Android Market place.


Now, there are two types of these emulators. The first one is known as Bluetooth Stereo Emulators and is similar to what you would find in your cell phone or blackberry. You install this application on your phone or PDA and it works just like a regular Bluetooth device would. However, since your smartphone isn’t an Apple iOS device or a Windows Mobile device, you cannot enjoy the benefits of the video download.

The second type of these emulators is known as WiFi enabled Bluetooth Emulators. With this application, you can easily connect to a nearby WiFi hotspot and play the Snack Video mobile app back and forth. These emulators are very easy to use. Just install them on your android or Ipad and you are ready to watch your favorite video clips.

Snack Video

The only problem with these Bluetooth or WiFi enabled Bluetooth emulators is that some of them don’t support Wi-Fi for optimal performance. For example, most of them don’t have Google Maps installed and therefore won’t be able to connect to Google Maps through the Wi-Fi network in your vicinity. If this is the case with the Snack Video mobile app that you want to watch, you will probably be able to enjoy it using any other Wi-Fi enabled device. But if the app doesn’t have this option, you will need to rely on your own laptop or desktop computer to stream the app. This makes the use of Bluetooth Emulators rather impractical.


Another drawback of the Bluetooth Emulators that we talked about earlier is that they don’t allow you to watch the Snack Video directly from your PC or laptop. Instead, you have to transfer the files to your PC or laptop using a software program that supports transferring files through this medium. The one that we mentioned earlier, the Snack Video PC/Laptop Control Software, comes with this feature. You can then easily transfer the files to your device using Wi-Fi or any other wireless connection that you have.

To conclude, the Bluetooth Emulators are a great way to enjoy Snack Video directly from your android device. However, they have their limitations. They are very poor when it comes to performance and often result in a bad video playback experience. This means that you may have to transfer the Snack Video to your PC or laptop and play it there. If you’re on a tight budget, the bluestacks are probably the best solution. Just make sure you download the latest version of the app to ensure optimal performance.


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